Weihai Fisk International Economic and Technical Cooperation Co., Ltd. was established in April 2000, initiated by Weihai Foreign Investment Service Centre and Weihai Foreign Investment Enterprises Association. Since its establishment, adhering to the service tenet of "Service with heart and soul, let us do better", the company has, after more than 20 years of pioneering and enterprising, developed into a company that provides policy consultation, introduction of partners, establishment of companies, approval procedures for construction projects, approval of various permits, tax exemptions for imported equipment, introduction of labour, translation, customs declaration, inspection, freight forwarding, training, enterprise management, consulting services, trade promotion, and so on. The company has been awarded the title of "The Company" by the Publicity Committee of Weihai City. The company has been awarded the titles of "Integrity Intermediary" and "Youth Civilization" by the Propaganda Department of Weihai Municipal Party Committee, Weihai Employment Office and Weihai Youth League Committee.







December 2016 Mothers and Fathers of Foreign Business

The number of services for domestic and foreign enterprises exceeds 8,000. We are known as "the mother's family of foreign investors" by foreign-invested enterprises. The total number of expatriate trainees and laborers exceeded 10,000.

November 2011 Youth Civilization Enterprise

Awarded the title of "Youth Civilization Enterprise" by the Leading Group for the Creation of Youth Civilization in Weihai City.

May 2007 Integrity Offshore Employment Agency

We were awarded the honorary title of "Honest Overseas Employment Agency" by Weihai Propaganda Department and Weihai Employment Office.

Jun 2004 Thick and thin

Changed the name to Weihai Fisk International Economic and Technical Cooperation Co. Established Weihai Fisk International Economic and Technical Cooperation Co., Ltd. as a training center for expatriate laborers.

Aug 2003 Both inside and outside

Obtained a license to operate as an overseas employment agency approved by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security of China. Started to engage in trainee dispatch to Japan and labor export business to Singapore.

May 2002 Sail Away

Obtain the qualification license of domestic employment agency approved by Weihai Labor and Social Security Bureau.


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Processing trade procedures Full set of import and export related procedures Import and export licences Freight forwarding, customs clearance and inspection Offshore Investment Related Procedures
Processing trade procedures

Electronic port, technology import and export contract registration, duty-free import equipment, various processing trade procedures

Full set of import and export related procedures

Import and export procedures (e.g. mechanical and electrical equipment, raw materials for production, dairy products, cosmetics, mother and child products, small household appliances, food, aquatic products, health products, edible oils, animal furs, live animals, etc.)

Import and export licences

Handling of various types of import and export licences (e.g. import and export licences, import licences for electromechanical equipment, 3C certification, import licences for easily controlled drugs, customs clearance certificates for legal fishing products, toxicological test reports, import and export licences for dual-use items and technologies, certificates of import permission for endangered or non-endangered species, etc.).

Freight forwarding, customs clearance and inspection

International freight forwarding, domestic land transport and customs clearance and inspection for the import and export of all products.

Offshore Investment Related Procedures

Procedures related to outbound investment.


Translation of licence documents

Translation of licence documents

Foreign driving licence, business licence, CV, academic certificates

Technical Translation for Business

Technical Translation for Business

Includes: economic trade and legal standards

Technical Business Interpreting

Technical Business Interpreting

Business negotiations, business meetings, business presentations

Audio and Video Subtitling

Audio and Video Subtitling

Video, Music