Avoid being cheated and protect your legal rights by registering with "unscrupulous agents"

You can apply with confidence to a company that has the right to send workers abroad. Only regular companies that have been granted the right to legally contract outbound assignments by the state (ministerial authorities) are allowed to send various types of labourers (including trainees to Japan) abroad. They pay a reserve fund to the government authorities, are supervised by the authorities, have standardised business operations and are generally trustworthy.

There are several channels to check the legitimacy of an expatriate company


Check whether the company has a "business qualification certificate" (see) There are basically two types of legal expatriate business qualification certificates: A "Foreign Labour Cooperation Business Qualification Certificate" issued by the Ministry of Commerce B "Overseas Employment Business License" issued by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security


For companies with certificates issued by the Ministry of Commerce, you can ask the local municipal foreign trade bureau or the Ministry of Commerce's website: http://www.chinca.org/点击 "Enterprise Directory"; for companies with certificates issued by the Ministry of Labour, you can ask the Ministry of Labour or the Ministry of Labour's website: http://www.chinca.org/点击. The Ministry of Labour's website is http://www.molss.gov.cn/gb/ggfw/jwjy.html. Therefore, when applying, checking whether the company has a business qualification/licence is the first step to protect your legal rights.


During your time abroad, you may need guidance and assistance due to differences in country and customs and language communication difficulties. A regular expatriate company with an office in the country you are travelling to will be able to protect your legal rights and interests, and if there is a problem that needs to be coordinated, the expatriate staff will be able to go to the site in time to coordinate the situation. If you apply to an agency, please be cautious and avoid them. There are labour agencies in some places that only have a business licence issued by the local industry and commerce bureau, and do not have a legal expatriate business qualification issued by the state. They can only offer you an interview with a regular company that has the right to send you abroad and charge you a fee for it; they often introduce you to many companies irresponsibly and randomly; they have no access to foreign clients and cannot manage and guide you after you go abroad.


If you apply with an agency, please be careful to prevent any monetary loss. It is advisable to register with a regular expatriate company. Never register with a private agency without a business licence, let alone pay a fee! Don't listen to their "connections" or "channels" and so on. There have been cases of people who have applied and paid fees at private agencies and ended up being duped!


What are the requirements to work abroad?

1、Junior high school education or above, 18 years old or above, both male and female have the opportunity.

2、Have certain professional skills (e.g. mechanical processing, electronic assembly, etc.), able to work hard, obey management and have a collective concept of solidarity.

3、Must be law-abiding, be able to apply for a passport, have no criminal record and have no bad motives for going abroad.

4、The application is voluntary and must be approved by parents, relatives and other relatives.

5、Must be physically and mentally healthy, free from infectious diseases, mental illness, chronic diseases, etc. Those who are positive for hepatitis, AIDS or liver function tests cannot go abroad.

6、At the time of registration, the following documents (which must be true and valid) must be brought along in general

a) Identity card b) Household register c) Graduation certificate d) 2-inch colour photograph e) Medical examination form f) Other necessary documents