Weihai Fisc International Korea Duty Free Shop Salesman Recruitment


I. Recruitment conditions:

1、Gender: female, age: 22-28 years old.

2、Education: junior high school or above.

3、Mall sales experience is preferred.

4, good skin, good image, good temperament, good at communication and communication, good health.

5、No criminal record, no illegal stay abroad and visa refusal records, no record of going to Korea.

II. Treatment:

1、Wage standard: 1.2 million KRW, monthly commission according to sales performance, more than 1 year of continuous work, according to the actual work ability and performance to improve the wage package.

2、Working hours: 10-12 hours per day (including an hour break at noon), 2-4 days off per month.

3、Insurance: Four major insurance policies are provided. Including national pension, medical insurance, employment insurance, industrial disaster insurance, enjoy all the same treatment as Korean nationals.

4、Food and accommodation: accommodation is provided, and some stores provide working meals.

5. Severance pay: 100,000 KRW per month, 1.2 million KRW severance pay after 1 year of contract.

Contract period: The work period is three years, and can be renewed for two years according to individual's working ability and performance.

Visa type: E-7 work visa

V. Fee: 50,000 won, deposit of 5,000 won, interview can be arranged at any time after registration.

Information to be provided: 1:

1、Applicant's curriculum vitae.

2, 2 inch passport photo 12, work photo and full body photo electronic version.

3, passport, ID card, family register, graduation certificate.

4、Certificate of medical examination issued by the people's hospital at or above the county (district) level.

Contact number: 0631-5897111 13356311855