Weihai Fisc International Japanese one year logistics female year-round enrollment


I. Location: Hiroshima, Okayama, Wakayama, Onomichi and other areas in Japan

II. Number of recruits: 80, day and night shifts

Three, recruitment conditions:

1、Gender: female

2、Age: 20-40 years old

3、Education: junior high school, junior college or above

4、Marriage or not: not limited

5、Hometown location: not limited

6, physical health, good eyesight. Steady personality. Simple, patient. Doing work nimbly. Caring, talk about solidarity

Solidarity, able to adapt to group life, not quarrel.


1、Working period: 1 year

2. Minimum wage guarantee (minimum wage by law): 769 yen per hour. The monthly salary is about 120,000 yen.

After deducting insurance, taxes, rent and other expenses that should be borne by the individual, the monthly income is about 80,000 yen, and overtime

Overtime will be calculated separately. (Reference monthly income of more than 1,500,000 yen a year, equivalent to 90,000 yuan)

3、Working hours: 8 hours per day, 2 days off per week, 8-9 days off per month, this is the approximate average.

IV. Other treatment

1、The Japanese side provides personal accident insurance and medical insurance for trainees (except dental).

2. The Japanese side will bear the international travel expenses to and from Japan.

(Workers need to advance the transportation costs to Japan, to Japan about 1 week reimbursement of yen)

3、Transportation: The company provides free use of bicycles.

4、Accommodation: generally 3-5 people in a room. The dormitory is clean, good environment and complete supporting facilities.

V. Wages and overtime: Wages and overtime vary from one business office to another.

Sixth, the work content and working environment

1, the work content: warehouse management, sorting, handling goods, light a few pounds, heavy will reach 40 pounds

(For example: instant noodles, drinks, etc.).

2, warehouse: the environment is very clean. Constant temperature 7-9 degrees.

Seven, interview time and place: June, August, October, November, December 2017, Weihai

VIII. Contact number: 13356311855 Ms. Wang