Weihai Fisc International Japanese sewing women enroll year-round


I. Workplace: Ehime, Japan

II. Number of recruits: 18 people, in 6 batches into the country

Three, recruitment conditions:

1、Gender: female

2、Age: 20-45 years old

3、Education: junior high school, junior college or above

4、Marriage: not limited

5、Hometown location: not limited

6、Technical requirements: more than 5 years of sewing work experience is preferred

7、Healthy, good eyesight. Steady personality. Simple, patient. Work nimbly. Caring, talk about solidarity

Solidarity, able to adapt to group life, can not quarrel.

IV. Salary

1、Working period: 3 years

2、Wage: Hourly wage 700 yen, monthly reference income about 150,000 yen (after deducting insurance, tax, rent, etc.), three years income about 550 yen or more. The factory is mainly sewing school uniforms.

3、Medical insurance, accident insurance, in accordance with Japanese law.

4、Working hours: 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week, overtime is extra.

V. Other treatment

1、Japanese side provides personal accident insurance and medical insurance for trainees (except dental).

2、To bear the round-trip international travel expenses.

3、Transportation: The company provides free bicycles for use.

4、Accommodation: clean dormitory, good environment and complete supporting facilities.

6、Interview time and place: interview anytime, Weihai.

Seven: Contact number: 13356311855 Mr. Wang

Eight: charges: 38000 yuan (including 3000 yuan training fee)