Special considerations to be reminded to friends who are going abroad for labor


1. Foreign countries are not full of gold, so be careful not to be deceived. Some places are very hard to work and there are certain risks.

2. encounter problems. Do not take excessive behavior, not to mention illegal actions.

3. During the period of working abroad, you must fulfill your obligations strictly according to the contract and are not allowed to join any local political organizations or cults.

4. If you need to deposit your salary in the bank or send money to China, you must go through a regular bank. Do not easily trust those private banks with higher interest rates in order to make money and avoid being cheated.

5. You are a citizen of the People's Republic of China, and the state will protect your legal rights and interests during the period of working abroad, but if you work abroad through irregular ways or commit crimes abroad. Your rights and interests will be difficult to be protected.

6. You can entrust your passport, work permit and other important documents to the on-site representative of the company that sends you abroad or to your employer for unified management, or you can keep them yourself. If you are responsible for them yourself, make sure to keep them in a safe place.