What fees do I need to pay before going abroad for labor?


Before going abroad for labor service, the costs that you need to bear by yourself and will not be refunded are

1. Medical examination fee: The medical examination can be carried out by yourself at a hospital above the county level or organized by the operating company. The fee will be paid according to the actual charge of the hospital, and leave a receipt.

2. Training fee: The training fee is paid by you directly to the training center, or can be given to the management company. The training is organized by the operating company in approved by the state. The training is conducted by the training center with training qualification of expatriate completion service. The training period is at least 48 hours.

3. Passport and visa fees: to be paid according to regulations.

4. Airport construction capital: paid according to the state regulations.

5. Vaccination: paid according to the actual charge of the epidemic prevention department.

6. Notary fee for the contract you signed with the dispatch company, paid according to the amount received.