What are the procedures for working abroad? How do I go about it?


The procedures for working abroad include domestic procedures and foreign procedures. Domestic procedures mainly include passport, visa, exit certificate, training certificate, etc. In some countries and regions, vaccination is also required to avoid infectious diseases. In some countries, personal information must be notarized before entry is granted. These procedures are usually handled by the operating company.

The main documents you need to provide for these procedures are: family register, ID card, academic certificate. Photos, etc.

Foreign procedures include entry permit, work permit, etc., which are handled by the foreign employer.

After completing the above procedures, you are ready to go abroad to work. If you cannot be sent out because of the management company or the foreign employer, the management company will refund your performance deposit and service fee. In case of your personal reasons or force majeure, the processing fee for working abroad will not be refunded.