What should I be aware of when signing contracts with operating companies and employers?


The contract you sign with the operating company is called "Contract of Foreign Labor Service", and the contract you sign with the foreign employer is called "Employment Contract", and the contents of these two contracts must be basically the same as the inside customer of the Foreign Labor Cooperation Contract signed between the operating company and the foreign employer. Be especially careful not to sign the Contract of Foreign Labor Service with an agency that does not provide a copy of the power of attorney of the operating company or a copy of the contract signed between the operating company and the foreign employer.

When signing a contract for foreign labor service, pay special attention to the following contents that must be included in the contract: workplace, occupational job type, labor conditions, working hours. rest and vacation, labor remuneration, transportation, living conditions, responsibility for violation of the labor contract, contract changes and conditions for termination of the labor contract, conditions for labor protection of female workers and special jobs, handling of disputes and controversies, and handling of industrial casualties.

After working abroad, the foreign employer will not only pay you wages (wages must not be lower than the minimum standard set by the China Foreign Construction Contractors Association) and overtime pay, but also bear the following costs: income tax, medical insurance (in some countries such as Japan, dental disease is not included in the medical insurance) and personal injury insurance, labor protection supplies and the deposit paid by the employer to the local government, etc. The employer's security deposit to the local government.

It should be reminded that you must keep every contract you sign when working abroad, as it will be an important legal basis for you to defend your legal rights and interests in case of disputes.