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Singapore Visa Application

Published on:

2023/06/19 13:27

1. The visa applicant determines the purpose and itinerary of his or her visit to Singapore.

2、Visit the official website of the Singapore Embassy and Consulates in China ( to browse the information on visa application, download the visa application form and the list of documents required for the visa.

3、Prepare the visa application documents.

4、Apply at the official travel agency and submit the relevant documents.

5、A letter of attorney must be provided if you are not collecting the visa in person, with the name and ID number of the person to be entrusted (both English and Chinese are acceptable). The delegate must bring his or her original ID card and submit a copy. If the same person is entrusted by more than one person, each must submit a copy of the power of attorney.

6. Collect the visa. Once you have received your visa, you should check carefully that all the information on the visa is correct, especially whether the period of validity and the number of days of stay match the one you have applied for, and whether the personal information on the visa, such as the spelling of your name, is correct, and if you find any errors, you should contact the visa office promptly.

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